Stage one of the search to find the Wellington region’s brightest ideas has come to an end. We are currently reviewing the ideas to provide everyone with feedback.  

100 Bright Ideas assessments have been completed to date.  The assessments are designed to be as relevant and as useful to you as possible. We're working hard to get feedback to you quickly, but also making sure the quality of the feedback is high. If we haven't been in touch with you already, we look forward to talking to you soon!

STAGE TWO - The Business Plan workshops and lecture series

You may be invited to continue to the next stage of the Bright Ideas Challenge – when you receive your feedback, check to see if you have been invited.  If you have not received an invitation, unfortunately you may not proceed through to stage two, but we hope that the feedback you have received is useful and helps you to decide on your own next steps.

If you are proceeding to stage two, you will need to complete a Business Plan by 25 September and submit this to us via the Bright Ideas Challenge website. (Details on how to do this will come later - check back here.)  Refer to the Resource page for a sample Business Plan template and Business Plan model as well as other useful resources.

We have scheduled a number of events for stage two. The Business Plan workshops and the lecture series are detailed on the Events page.
All entrants that go through to the business plan stage are in the running to win $25,000 start-up capital and further support to help turn your idea into a commercial success.

Please direct any queries to Christoph Bartram Bright Ideas Coordinator.
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