2010 Results

Outcomes from the Bright Ideas 2010:


  • 1 idea won $25,000.
  • 3 companies have been accepted into Creative HQ. 2 were already in CHQ. 2 more pending.
  • 2 ideas have been pitched to the international Kea network as part of a pilot.
  • 4 companies were invited to meet with Kea World Class New Zealanders including Sir Stephen Tindall, Sir Peter Maire and others
  • 1 idea has received an introduction to a key international investor.
  • 1 company signed a licensing agreement with a CRI that will be worth millions of dollars.
  • 1 idea has pitched to the Wellington Angel HQ network.
  • 1 idea has received private investment of $500,000.
  • 16 qualified for Escalator 1:1 investment support ($2,000 + GST per idea).
  • 21 people pitched their ideas to the Wellington innovation and investment community.
  • 15 ideas to date have qualified for TechNZ funding.
  • 7 ideas were offered international Tech NZ Global Expert searches ($1,995 +GST per idea).
  • Six Ideas were offered national Tech NZ Global Expert searches ($495 +GST per idea).
  • 17 Ideas received Tech NZ Market Place Scans (international competitive analyses) ($495 +GST per idea).
  • 30 Ideas were offered direct financial support (valued at around $200,000+GST). This included legal support, IP support, marketing, advertising and branding support, research and development services.
  • 15 people were offered Activate Scholarships.
  • 80 Ideas received follow-up support from the Business Growth Managers.
  • 150 business plans were received. All received feedback and support.
  • 100 members of the Wellington innovation and investment community gave their time to the entrants to help them develop their ideas.
  • 280 people attended the “topic” workshops.
  • 270 people were invited to attend Escalator Workshops.
  • 300 Ideas went through to the business plan stage. These people were invited to ten different workshops to develop various aspects of their business plans, where they met various members of the Wellington innovation and investment community, and Wellington entrepreneurs.
  • 36 companies and organisations signed up to run the challenge internally.
  • 1,200 ideas received feedback phone calls or meetings to take their business idea to the next level. This included helping them identify areas they could work on, introductions and connections, invitations to attend workshops etc.


Examples of great ideas from last year:

Beco Biopolymers: New Zealand’s first large scale manufacturing operation for “clean” plastics. Beco is clean to burn, compostable and non toxic/BPA free with identical look and durability to mainstream plastics. (development stage: idea)

callMe: Evolution of the virtual call centre concept (development stage: idea)

PriceTech Solutions: Sport specialist dynamic pricing for global sport ticket sales. (development stage: research and development)

Kick-It: An international social networking site designed to help people quit smoking. (development stage: research and development)

Porous Material Development Program at CRL Energy Ltd:  development of new product lines from currently unrefined New Zealand coal . Value-added products from the refined products, produced for other industries, would have a much higher value. (development stage: research and development)

Footfalls and Heartbeats: A garment that will pick up signals from your body (heart rate, respiration rate, cardiac output etc) and send the information via wireless transmission to a computer or mobile phone. Patentable technology. (development stage: research and development)

myINFOSAFE: downloadable PC software that helps people access, organize and protect their personal information. (development stage: revenue generating)

Safe-eyes: An “un-fog-able” mesh goggle for eyewear. The mesh is patented for all eyewear. (development stage: revenue generating)

Im Able: systems for assisting in stroke recovery including arm movement, balance and cognition (development stage: revenue generating).

Daniel Clelland: A gestural voice synthesis solution for people with speech disabilities backed by complex mathematics (development stage: pilot/prototype) (student entry)

Aucrop: A patented financial derivative that stimulates an investment in a real commercial forest (development stage: pilot/prototype) 

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