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Most of the Bright Ideas seminars, workshops and events have been scheduled on Tuesday evenings. Check the events page and make sure you RSVP for those events you wish to attend.

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Stage ONE

Stage Stage one is now finished.   
Videos of the stage one events are available to view from the Video Gallery.

03/05/2011          Workshop: How to pitch your idea in 100 words

24/05/2011          Workshop: How to pitch your idea in 100 words

07/06/2011          Seminar: Entrepreneur storytime

14/06/2011          Workshop: How to pitch your idea in 100 words

21/06/2011          Networking event



Stage TWO

Stage two events are listed here.  For more information and to RSVP go to the Events page.  Videos of the events are available to view from the Video Gallery following the events.


02/08/2011          Lecture 1: Business model

10/08/2011          Lecture 2: Value Proposition

16/08/2011          Lecture 3: Target Market / Market Validation

23/08/2011          Lecture 4: Building winning teams

30/08/2011          Workshop: Business planning

30/08/2011          Lecture 5: Financials

06/09/2011          Workshop: Business planning

06/09/2011          Lecture 6: Go to market

07/09/2011          Networking Event

13/09/2011          Workshop: Business planning

13/09/2011          Lecture 7: Other important topics

Stage two closes with the final day for submission of business plans: Sunday, September 25th

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