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Don’t tell me, show me: actioning innovation

21 June 2010
For the Catalys90 team innovation is all about taking action. We love being in the ideas business, but we’ve also learnt the hard way that there is no easy way to launch a new business or a new idea and that planning is fundamental to success. But without action there will be no innovation: it’s in the doing.

Here’s how we action our innovation at Catalyst90:

Collaborate and share: test-drive your idea, put it in front of friends for an honest answer. Don’t be afraid to share, the number of times we’ve heard “oh yeah, I had a similar idea…” is staggering - the difference is that we take action.
Harness feedback and work together with others whose skills are complementary to yours so that you can trust their advice and build your dream.

Talk with your target audience and pay close attention: these are the folks for whom you’re trying to solve a problem. In listening you can uncover what’s important, which in turn helps you to create a solution that truly resonates with your audience.
Be prepared to learn: Failure is part of building successful solutions, whether it’s technology, machinery, or conceptual, if the idea has no market then reining it in early is important. A challenging process but with hindsight failures can, at the very least, provide you with a better understanding.

Don’t be too proud to pull an idea or change direction: the evolution of an idea or a business is as important as that initial bright spark.

Action is key: Grow your idea, test drive it, work with others as you build your information into a plan, and then take action! Without action there is nothing but idle dreams, and we Wellingtonians don’t do idle dreams.

At Catalyst90 we help companies grow processes, systems and sales as a technology marketing agency. Walking our own talk, we develop and action strategies, specialising in sales strategy, social media management and email marketing. We thrive on innovation and know the hard work that action demands, but we can see the rewards too!

Case in point - Catalyst90 collaborated with Idea Sauce and to develop the snazzy new brand. Dreamt up over a curry at Roti Chennai, followed by sales planning and market research, and launched collaboratively – we don’t think it’s too soon to say it’s a success! Check it out for yourself:

Tom Reidy is Director of Catalyst90
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Comment by Aviva Jamensky on 17 November 2010
Hi Tom, I am visiting from Canada and came across your website by way of the Bright Idea challenge website. I am serial entrepreneur focussing on international retail and consumerism. I just checked out your website and being very honest I think it IS a little early to say "it's a sucess" as this idea will be very difficult to become profitable in the long run. Unfortunately your business plan and concept is flawed in many ways but always remember "the proof is in the profit" and I wish you guys all the best with your venture and I would love you to prove me wrong!
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