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10 May 2010
Ever had a bright idea which has so captured you that you cannot sleep for nights on end? Ever had a realization that you have gained an insight into a problem that no-one else in the world has seen? And that maybe your solution can transform the lives of millions of people? Welcome to the world of innovation and welcome to the roller-coaster that is transforming your idea from a piece of paper to an everyday reality for those millions of people.

Innovation is not an easy ride, and if you prefer working 9-5 and shifting paper from pile A to pile B for a guaranteed sum of money, it might not be for you. But if you want to live life on the edge and if you want to experience the highs of first funding, first prototypes, first commercial deals, and first users then it might just be that you need to start working up those ideas of yours and seeing if, just maybe, there’s enough substance in one of them to run with.

Don’t, however, expect your idea to magically come to life, or for your path to be smooth. The road to market is full of potholes and along with your idea you need bucket loads of perseverance, belief and good advice. Just like any of Wellington’s wonderful walkways, you are going to experience steep up-hills, steep down-hills, and every now and then breathtaking views of where you heading to.

Matakina is a “born global” company but with a beating heart originating from that living on the edge feeling that we all enjoy in Wellington, and a body and soul that’s being forged by the sense of innovation and togetherness that Wellington uniquely offers. We have a vision of helping the millions of women who are screened for breast cancer each year, and although the barriers to success are high (medical devices are highly regulated) we believe we can overcome those barriers and succeed as a business, and when we succeed as a business, then millions of women each year will be better off for it.

Ralph Highnam is the CEO of Matakina Technology who use digital imaging to revolutionize breast imaging enabling breast cancer can be detected earlier, diagnosed more accurately and treated more effectively.
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