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Innovation – from a bright idea to an international business

31 May 2010
The key to Trilogy’s success to date is undoubtedly the result of innovation – coming up with new ideas and applying them commercially in new ways.

Innovation in all its forms is a creative process. It’s all about ideas and one of the most important things I’ve learnt over the years is that ideas can come from anyone and anywhere.

The Trilogy story, for example, began with a discovery. While manufacturing ingredients for the natural supplement and cosmetic industries I discovered the remarkable skin-loving properties of Rosehip oil. My sister Catherine de Groot and I immediately saw an opportunity to create skincare range around this ingredient.

At that time the natural skincare market was largely dominated by old fashioned formulas with overpowering scents and heavy textures. It was a market in need of a contemporary make over. The opportunity was obvious.

So Catherine and I decided to launch a natural skincare range that not only performed better, but which was better environmentally and ethically. Trilogy launched with five products in New Zealand and Australia in 2002. Today the range consists of nearly forty products distributed in 16 markets world wide.

As we’ve grown Catherine and I have made sure innovation is at the forefront of our thinking for all parts of our business.

At Trilogy innovation lies behind:
• the products we create to meet changing consumer needs
• our product formulations - so that we consistently deliver on our promise to produce high performance skincare
• the business practices we use to increase efficiency and productivity
• our marketing methods
• the logistical processes that take our product to market.

We look both within and outside our organisation for this innovation. We encourage all Trilogy staff to share their ideas and to find new ways of carrying out their work. We also look to our customers, suppliers and other businesses for ideas. Rather than looking for stimulation from other skincare brands, however, we observe the work of businesses we admire in different fields to give us fresh ideas.

Innovation doesn’t come easy, it takes continuous work by me, Catherine and our staff, but it’s the only way to succeed as a business today. Keeping innovation at the forefront of business practices helps ensure a business thrives and work remains stimulating. It also means that everyone has lots of fun along the way. Now that has to be a good thing.

Sarah Gibbs si the director of Trilogy advanced natural skincare.
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