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Grow Wellington Bright Ideas Challenge

The Bright Ideas Challenge is about providing people with the connections and support they need to take their idea to the next level. The Challenge is an opportunity to provide targeted business support help to generate significant future commercialisation for the Wellington region.

Bright Ideas 2011 will open for entries on 19th of April. The first stage will be to enter your 100 word entry on this website. To get an update on when the first stage will open, please sign up for our Bright Ideas newsletter.

We are interested in all stages of ideas, including dynamic initial ideas, ideas at research and development, prototype, or pilot and revenue generating stages. We are looking for originality, commercial potential, and the ability to develop and support your idea in the Wellington region. We will provide you with feedback on your concept or idea, taking into account your target market and how you plan to reach it, your competition, your plan to make money from it, and how you are going to achieve success.
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